ZX Spectrum в 2022 году

Самые важные релизы для Speccy

Scroller — Physic (tech demo for ZX Spectrum 128)

ZX Tribute: 40th Anniversary dentro

Quattuor — Darklite and Offence (4k intro for ZX 128)

Electric dreams — ATEBIT
(A tribute to Sir Clive Sinclair, 1940-2021)

Shiru's 1-Bit Music Compilation Vol.2 —Shiru
(music disk for beeper)

Король и Шут - Камнем по голове
(AY Cover Album)

Tiny Dungeons — RetroSouls
(roguelite game for ZX Spectrum 128)

Wordle — Stardust
(game for ZX Spectrum 48)

Cubelon — Darklite and Offence
(demo for ZX Spectrum 48)

Reko7 — Joker
(8k intro for ZX Spectrum 128)